Make Sure You Have The Right Sewing Supplies

For those who want to learn how to sew, a beginner's sewing kit is necessary. There are items that are the same for hand or machine learning.

Each item will be discussed in greater depth later on.

Select the correct sewing machine

A sewing machine is an important tool in any home. If you don't have one already, it's a good idea to find something that won't be too difficult for the beginner.

A good, efficient, basic machine will do the zigzag stitch, make a buttonhole, and straight stitch.

When your ability gets better, one might want a sewing machine with features, but a basic sewing machine works for most folks just fine, no matter their level of skill.

Personally, I used a basic machine with just four or five stitches for over fifteen years and was able to make most anything I wanted with it, even make heirloom garments.

It is always a wise idea to purchase a new machine or possibly one that is gently used. If you do determine to buy a used machine, be sure you also receive the owner's booklet.

Perhaps the sewing machine does not have one, you can usually download it through the internet.

Acquainting yourself with the machine's instruction manual is the initial step if you want to learn to sew accurately and with less hindrance on your sewing machine.

Fabric shears

One must have a pair that is used only for cutting fabric and thread, they are not for other purposes. Scissors become dull fast when they're used to cut paper products and other items. It is sensible to purchase a special pair of dressmaking shears from the beginning. Make certain to fit the scissor size to the size of the student's hands.

A measuring tape is an essential sewing supply.

This isn't the metal measuring tape used by builders. This is a sewing tape measure. It is pliable and constructed of cloth or plastic. The cloth type is more accurate, since the plastic one stretches in time.

Iron and ironing board

A separate ironing board is a good investment since you will be doing lots of pressing. It's also wise to have an on-board or wall hanging holder for steam irons so they can rest flat when not in use and don't get hot while sitting unused

Sewing machine needles

For projects that don't require a heavier needle, you will need a Universal Needle. You might need to use this needle for sewing or quilting. A standard need for a machine is 80/12 or 90/14.

The first number 80, 90 is the metric number, followed by 12, 14 the imperial number. Most needle brands feature both numbers on their packaging.

A pack of assorted sizes should be purchased and kept handy for any sewing project.

Fabric scissors

The fabric shears mentioned earlier are called dressmaking scissors because they are made specifically for cutting fabric; however, there is another type available and it may make better sense to purchase this style from the beginning due to the following reasons:

Fabric shears are sharper than dressmaking scissors. Fabric scissors are also safer to use because they do not have a sharp point.

Dressmaking scissors

Dressmaking shears are good for cutting fabric. They have a blade that is very sharp.

The shape of the blade is in an upside-down “V” which helps with getting really precise cuts and doing detail work. A skilled dressmaker is required to cut fabric with shears.

The upside-down “V” shape of the blade on these scissors makes them ideal for cutting things like sewing thread and seams, but they are not suited for heavy-duty tasks without dulling the blade too quickly.

Get a good sewing book and patterns

As the years go by, a few people make patterns of their own, but the majority of us stay with using patterns for all of our sewing.

Patterns are cheaper. You can use them for any type of clothes that you want to make. When you are just starting, it is best to keep things simple.


If you are looking to start sewing, it is important that you have the right supplies.

You will need a beginner's sewing kit with items for hand or machine learning. There are many benefits of having all your tools together in one place and knowing what they do before starting on any project.

Now that we know how important this setup is, let’s get started!

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